Zany Doodle

Zany Doodle 1.0.1

Software to make drawings move

The Zany Doodle software program is a game play application that lets you make any image you draw come to life. Any scribbling that you do on this application can be moved in various ways to make them appear as if they are alive.

The Zany Doodle application just lets you draw any image that you can think of and automatically you can make it move on your screen. The program has several options that will also put additional life to your scribbling or drawings.

The program allows you not only to draw but also color your creation according to how you want them, add strings and yarns to make the image more flexible.

The Zany Doodle has several types of paper, underwater and space levels that help you make your pictures move without the aid of gravity. This makes any image unlimited in movement every time you try to make them move using the Zany Doodle application.

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